I was debating about diving into a blog about the upcoming election. I’m sure that most people are pretty sick of politics by now, but I also think this is a vitally important election for many reasons. Luckily for me, the excellent Jason Mankey has already summed up many things for me in a blog called The Court and My Pagan Vote over on his Patheos blog “Raise the Horns”.

As for me, I’ll be voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson in this election, the only (as far as I know) candidate who has taken any time to speak to and acknowledge the Pagan community at all (as well as for a host of other reasons that I agree with).

Go and vote in this election. I think this election will decide the fate of our nation for many years to come. There are too many important issues that are going to be decided. Your vote matters and your vote counts, no matter which way you lean.

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