Wiccan Groups in New Orleans

I keep getting a lot of hits from people looking for Wiccan groups in New Orleans.

Witchvox is generally the best site to use to find local groups. It provides group listings and contact points for the United States, Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Most established groups have listings here. Make sure to read the ads carefully though and vet the group. I’ve come across several listings from teenagers that say they are high priests and priestesses, even though they admit to no actual training. Use your common sense, it’s still the internet.

As far as I know, in New Orleans itself, there are only two actual Wiccan groups.

My own, Iron and Cypress, which is a coven that practices the tradition Blue Star. We teach traditional, initiatory Wicca. We are a closed group, so you do need to contact us and ask for an invite if you’re interested. We’re open to newcomers, but ritual is held in my home and we do like to meet you before inviting you into such personal space. Many groups will request that you meet with them before being invited to ritual. Don’t be offended if you contact a group and they ask to meet up for coffee first.

And there is The Covenant of the Pentacle Wiccan Church as well, which practices Eclectic Wicca (according to their website). This is a much larger group than my own coven and it is a much more open group. As far as I understand it, they are an actual recognized “church” within the state of Louisiana and because of this, they hold public Circles. You should still contact them before showing up.

If you’re interested in Wiccan groups in New Orleans, these are pretty much your choices. You can also join meetup.com and find The New Orleans Lamplight Circle. This is a local Pagan group with members of various traditions and backgrounds. (There are also several solitary Wiccans in this group). They are an excellent source of the various Pagan groups in New Orleans. Wicca is certainly not your only choice in New Orleans!

I hope that helps!

Update 1/29/14

The Covenant of the Pentacle has split and there is a new Eclectic Wiccan Coven in New Orleans. They are the Bee Hive Coven and they are on both Witchvox and Facebook.

Update 9/19/14

I’ve heard rumors that there is going to be a new Gardnerian group here in NOLA. As I am rather understandably not participating in the community currently, I can’t give you the details, but they are supposedly around.

13 thoughts on “Wiccan Groups in New Orleans

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  2. Damion east says:

    I live in Georgia I am looking for a coven to join

  3. Damion east says:

    I live in Georgia I am looking for a coven to join I have no family I need someone to teach me how to use my gift and to help me protice my self from bad magic

  4. Brendan says:

    CPWC didn’t “split.” It’s more like their high priestess became ill and the rest of the church dumped her off to form the “hive.” So much for the whole “respect of elders” thing. The rule of 3 though right??? The selfish “bees” will end up stinging themselves. Shame on them.

  5. Damion east says:

    Looking for a coven to join

  6. Lauren says:

    If you would like to PM me at bluestarowl@gmail.com, we can chat.

  7. Laura Lovett says:

    I am looking into becoming Wiccan. What is the best advice to get started? Thank you In advance 🙂

    • Lauren says:

      Find a group to check out. I don’t promote books on Wicca and talking to the local community is the best way to find a teacher. Check out local groups (you can use sites like witchvox.com) and start meeting your local community or check in at the local occult shops and ask for contacts. Those who run or are part of groups can direct you to what might help you. Expect to have to work hard. Wicca is not for people who just want to show up and go to ritual. Here is my blog on information for new Pagans: http://laurendevoe.com/2012/04/01/information-and-resources-for-new-pagans/ If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to PM me at bluestarowl@gmail.com. Hope that helps!

  8. rockey says:

    hello my name is rockey im looking for a coven to join i
    here in the new orleans area

  9. Brittany LaNasa says:

    May I have permission to email you? I am interested in joining a local coven in New Orleans

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