Many Voices – One Wheel

Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion Ahead

As some of you know, I write a column for The Pagan Household called Sage and Scourge, chronicling my adventures living with a staunch Wiccan.

Patrick McCleary is the PaganDad and he runs several sites that are for Pagan families, one of which is The Pagan Household. He is a great resource for Pagan families that are raising Pagan children and he works hard to give a lot back to the community.

He has recently had all of us (his writers), help him compile a book about the Sabbats to help him raise some money for site maintenance. And it’s finally out!

It is titled “Many Voices – One Wheel” and it is only $0.99.

I think its pretty cool. Please help support the PaganDad sites and help us make things nicer for you, our readers!

You can find it here in several different “e” formats.

Many Voices - One Wheel

Many Voices – One Wheel

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  1. Hey i have nominated you to the Witchy Blog Award. It is nothing serious, just fun, but still a compliment. You can check it out here –

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