“Flaky” is Unacceptable

I’ve said this before, but I feel like it bears saying again.

I’m really tired of the sentiment found within the Pagan community that “Pagans are flaky”.

We like to say that we are a religion of practice.

We hold ritual.

We speak directly to our gods.

We discuss and debate how and why we go about things.

We consider ourselves to be intellectuals and we question the world around us.

We focus on environmentalism.

We spend years studying our paths.

We go through initiations and tests to prove to ourselves, our gods, our covens, that we are worthy of our place within our groups and the knowledge and secrets given to us.

We study history and try to recreate the practices of the past.

We devote ourselves to the study of herbalism, magic and mythology.

With all of this, how then do we find this idea of flakiness acceptable?

Why do we hold such pride in “practicing” a religion and yet carry around this reputation of being unable to function in the real world?

I believe in fairies, that does not make me a bubble brained idiot. It shows that I am aware of my surroundings on a level that others are not.

If we want Paganism to be truly recognized by the larger monotheistic communities that we live in, we need to get over this idea that Pagan = Flaky.

Very few people like flaky! I sure as Hel don’t!

We don’t put up with it in our professional lives, why in the world would we put up with it in our religious lives?

Lo and behold! It is actually possible to show up for ritual on time!

We make promises to the gods all the time, why can’t we do it with the people in our groups and communities?

We need to get rid of this idea that we’re flaky. We aren’t. We are serious and aware of the world around us. We need to get rid of this excuse of “Oh, Pagans are just flaky” and start taking responsibility for our actions.

Don’t say, “Oops, sorry! Flaky moment!” Say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t manage to get myself out the door on time. I apologize.”

Don’t say, “Oh, well so and so didn’t do that thing they promised because  they’re a flaky Pagan”. Say, “Hey so and so, remember that promise you made me? Can you do it or not?”

Being Pagan does not automatically mean that you get to ignore basic common sense.

Being Pagan is not an excuse to make poor financial decisions.

Being Pagan does not mean that you get to be irresponsible and make other people pick up your slack.

Being Pagan does not mean you get to act crazy.

Being Pagan means that you actually think about everything that is going on around you and how those things effect the larger picture!

Answer emails!

Return phone calls!

Let people know if you can’t make it.

People are regularly taken aback that I have a “real” job. By Vesta’s Girdle, people! I didn’t realize that when I took on the identity of Pagan that I was throwing the rest of my life away!

I didn’t realize that Pagan automatically meant unreliable and undependable.

People, get your act together. Be adults. If you say you’re going to do something, do it and show up on time while you’re about it. If you can’t do it, let people know and ask for help! It is OK to ask for help!

I don’t see being stuck in our heads and using the excuse that we are intellectuals as being a good excuse for anything.

If we, as a community, can’t take each other seriously, how is anyone else going to take us seriously?

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