At the Hearth

I spent the afternoon cooking for my coven and for my family for the rest of the week. It made me think about the magic inherent in the act of cooking and magic that is only found in the kitchen. This reminded me of one of my favorite books. When I couldn’t find it online to share with you, I decided to read it to you. So without further ado…!

“At the Hearth” is the first chapter from the book Between Two Fires: Intimate Writings on Life, Love, Food & Flavor. Laura Esquivel is probably most well known for her book Like Water for Chocolate. Her stories are imbued with magical realism and capture many beautiful truths about the world around us that very few are able to see. I often reflect on this chapter and it’s meanings on my own life. As a witch, I think I often return to the kitchen of the past generations and even though I live in the modern world, those that came before me still have a great deal to teach me about life and the Craft that I work.

Happy belated Thanksgiving all! I’m thankful to live in a world where I can openly be who I am and one in which people like this are willing to write down their thinking about the world around us.

I am also thankful for partners who are willing to help me at 1 AM create a video on software I am completely unfamiliar with. To my own masculine partner, I love you and appreciate all the wonderful things you do for me. My life is much richer for your presence in it.

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