King Duffus

When all the witches were haled to the stake and burned,
When their least ashes were swept up and drowned,
King Duffus opened his eyes and looked round.

For half a year they had trussed him in their spell:
Parching, scorching, roaring, he was blackened as a coal.
Now he wept like a freshet in April.

Tears ran like quicksilver through his rocky beard.
Why have you wakened me, he said, with a clattering sword?
Why have you snatched me back from the green yard?

There I sat feasting under the cool linden shade;
The beer in the silver cup was ever renewed,
I was at peace there, I was well-bestowed:

My crown lay lightly on my brow as a clot of foam,
My wide mantle was yellow as the flower of the broom,
Hale and holy I was in mind and in limb.

I sat among poets and among philosophers,
Carving fat bacon for the mother of Christ;
Sometimes we sang, sometimes we conversed.

Why did you summon me back from the midst of that meal
To a vexed kingdom and a smoky hall?
Could I not stay at least until dewfall?

~Sylvia Townsend Warner

5 thoughts on “King Duffus

  1. Wow, that is one Powerful Poem with many many meanings. TY and nice to see u blogging again. I missed u. Blessings. Lee/Shawnus

    • Lauren says:

      Obviously this has been a terrible month. I needed to take a break. I’m still not quite there yet. I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to recover from all of this, if that’s even possible. I have lost faith in my community and need to reassess this blog. I think I will not be focusing on Paganism as much in the future. Thanks for missing me, that makes me feel a little better.

      • Lauren – I hope you continue with this blog, which is Your ideas and writings and pictures which i always find of interest as you can tell by my comments and reblogs. Regarding FB just drop that for now as it is a swamp of sh_t in my opinion. The only reason i am on there is to give a bigger www footprint for our COC. In fact i started posting stuff about myself on there and deleted it all so now it is back to being Just a COC blog about the Coven and Not about ME. Blessed Be and everyone i know in Witchcraft and Paganism is praying to the God/ess for strength and light and clarity for you and even to Ganesha and Legba to “Open the Door” to a new life and “Earth Walk” as the Native Americans say.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks. I opened my FB back up to be able to stay in contact with people. Otherwise I’m not spending a lot of time there at the moment. I’m certainly not done blogging, life is just taking a lot of rethinking right now and honestly, I have other things to worry about. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

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