Katy Perry’s Imbolc Half Time Show

A friend of mine commented, “Jeez get a temple guys, you all just worshipped Ishtar. Congrats!”

I personally thought that it was delightfully appropriate for Imbolc…

While I don’t usually get into sports events and largely ignore these things, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show was pretty spectacular and definitely brought back light and warmth to a rather chilly world.

I don’t usually love Imbolc that way that some of my closest people do, but this year it seemed like an appropriate sabbat to celebrate. And Katy Perry’s powerful, yet whimsical show, was a delightful part of my Imbolc weekend. Enjoy!

May the cold, bleak winter be behind us and a new, happier, warmer world await. Blessed Imbolc!

One thought on “Katy Perry’s Imbolc Half Time Show

  1. I usually do not do the Superbowl, or any TV sports either. So, I also missed it.


    Some of the fundie-fanatics went hyper scare-fare over the “symbolism” in this half-time show. Gee, folks! Let’s see, they commented on the checkerboard symbolism (seems apropos being that the dancers were dressed as chess playing pieces?). And of course, all the usual boo-hooing and fear-mongering they are known for.


    I hope for things to get settled in “my corner of the world” very soon. I would like to get back into enjoying the sabbats and even having a few friends and associates over to help celebrate!

    Please enjoy the season.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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