Have Pan Will Travel

Hey all, forgive me for a quick commercial break!

if you’re not familiar with Jason Mankey, you should check out his blogs and his work. He is an excellent Pagan author and presenter. He is also a good friend and an overall amazing guy.

He is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help finance his trips to festivals all over the place. Many festivals do not provide assistance with transportation to and from the festival and only a few of them give authors and presenters free room and board. When Kenny and I went to Pantheacon last year, I paid about $1200 out of pocket just for the plane tickets and food (and that is no where near as bad as other people had to pay).

Being a Pagan presenter is rough. If you want to be rich, this is not the path for you! Financing trips to multiple festivals throughout the year is expensive and is usually a labor of love. I’m lucky to have a day job that gives me ample vacation to go with my partner to various festivals throughout the year, most are not so lucky.

Jason is an amazing Pagan voice that deserves to be heard. He is passionate, intellectual and entertaining!

Here is Jason’s video plea for help:

And you can find the actual campaign here!

Even just sharing Jason’s campaign is a huge help. The more people he reaches, the more likely it is that he will reach his goal.

If you have a few bucks to spare, Jason is someone who definitely deserves the help and if you get the opportunity to see one of his presentations, take it. You will walk away knowing and thinking about things that you never knew before. And you’ll probably have laughed pretty hard while you were doing it.

He’s got some great gifts and ideas to share, take advantage of this opportunity to bring a great presenter to a festival near you!