GoddessCast Interview

Kenny and I were interviewed by GoddessCast during Pantheacon and the interview is finally up!

Check it out! We had a lot of fun!

You can listen to it here.

Thanks GoddessCast for a fun interview! We really enjoyed being on the show!

Don’t forget, the new book is out May 8th!!! Pre-order it now!


The First Review Is In! 5 out of 5 Stars!

Here is the very first review of the new book by Kenny Klein and myself! Fairy Tale Magic, coming out in May on Llewellyn (Amazon is already taking pre-orders). Review by Eryn Bagley for puretextuality.com:

“Klein and DeVoe execute brilliant relationships between engaging archetypal iconography embedded in non-mainstream cultural folk tales with their applications in the setting of practical earth-based magic. The authors elegantly correlate primitive and sacred meanings of magical theory in fairy tales and guide beginning magic practitioners through lessons based in ancient lore. Klein and DeVoe’s research of each apologue offers an impressive understanding of the implications that magic practitioners face when utilizing and calling upon the energies of the universe. By following the precedence set forth in Fairy Tale Magic, those who use the natural elements in their workings will not be steered wrong by the guidance that this work offers. Not only are the stories that the authors chose engaging, their explanations of archetypal significances are concise and extremely valuable. In this reader’s opinion, I would grant this title a 5 out 5 stars. Thank you to Netgalley and Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd for the opportunity to enjoy this read.”


Winter in New Orleans: News and Notes

Three weeks ago we had snow and ice for the first time in New Orleans in five years! It’s pretty rare that we actually get cold weather like that down here. People back home in Ohio always laugh at me when I complain about the cold. While it usually only gets down into the 20s and 30s for a few weeks, very few of us have central heat. And most of us live in really old houses that were built to stay cool in the intense heat of our summers. The houses are raised off the ground and have no insulation. While they do an excellent job of staying cool in the summer, there is no way to stay warm in the winter! Two weeks ago, I went into my office, which also does not have heat and found that it was a balmy 49 degrees. Cold like this is draining and hard to recover from, even when dressed warmly.

It was however, the perfect weather to really embrace Yule and Imbolc. Winter is of course the time of death and the resting Earth and sometimes it’s hard to really take a moment and enjoy that stillness and have that break when things never really take a wintry break. The frost and ice actually allowed us to have a winter this year!

But, I will admit that I was happy to have nice weather return. It’s been in the 60s and beautiful the last week and just in time for Mardi Gras! Walking into work the other morning I walked past this:


And so the cycle starts all over again: life to death to life.

Just some quick announcements!

I just wrote an article about my partner, Kenny Klein for The Green Egg, one of the oldest running Pagan magazines in America! Their Imbolc edition is now out and is available in print for the first time in years. You should go buy a copy and check it out! The article is titled “Kenny Klein: A Kiss in the Dreamhouse.”


The new book from Llewellyn is also coming out soon and you can now preorder it from Amazon!


Last weekend, while at Pantheacon, I sat on a Llewellyn panel about death and ancestor work. The Wild Hunt posted a picture!

From left to right: Tess Whitehurst, Elysia Gallo, Tony Mierzwicki, Jhenah Telyndru, Me, Stephanie Woodfield, Kenny Klein

From left to right: Tess Whitehurst, Elysia Gallo, Tony Mierzwicki, Jhenah Telyndru, Me (Lauren DeVoe), Stephanie Woodfield, Kenny Klein

Last night was my subkrewe’s inaugural march in Chewbacchus, our science fiction and fantasy geek parade! The Party Elves of Mirkwood was a hairbrained scheme cooked up to honor the Randy Thrandy meme from The Lord of the Rings. We had a heck of a lot of fun and think others did as well. You should have been there! It’s totally started my Mardi Gras season off with a bang and is only the beginning! But I was briefly interviewed in The New Orleans Advocate during Comic Con about Chewbacchus, which was a lot of fun.


Pantheacon 2014

I just wanted to let you all know that my partner and I are getting ready to leave for Pantheacon! We leave tomorrow afternoon and will be at the Double Tree on Thursday. If you want to meet up, say hi, grab a drink, come yell at me, whatever, let me know!

1780816_10152163175796075_1934217514_n(I’m in the tiny print on the bottom!)

I will be on a Panel on Sunday in the Llewellyn Suite at 11 AM on “Pagans and Ancestors: Living with the Honored Dead.” Kenny Klein and I will be also be presenting that afternoon in the Llewellyn Suite at 5:15 PM on our new book and telling New Orleans ghost stories! (I have to say, we are pretty entertaining, I promise to keep you entranced!)

517SyMt+FRL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I will also be performing with Kenny during his concert, Saturday night at 9 in Club Max.

(Sadly the whole band can’t come, but Kenny and I can keep you tapping!)

It’s going to be a busy week, but I’m excited to get started! See you there!

Book Cover!

We have gotten the book cover for Fairy Tale Magic! I’m so excited! It’s everything I had hoped it would be.

Vasilissa the Beautiful is on the cover, carrying the fiery skull that she won from Baba Yaga.

We were lucky and the same artist, Esao Andrews who has done the last two covers for Kenny’s  other books, was willing to do this one as well. I think it turned out absolutely stunning!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Shrines at Brushwood

I just spent a week at the Sirius Rising festival. I love all the different shrines and sacred spaces at the Brushwood Folklore Center. I thought you all might enjoy some pictures.

Brushwood has shrines to the cardinal directions:

East and Wind

East - Wind

West and Water

North and Earth

And of course South and Fire

The southern shrine is a little different, it’s the Roundhouse where the nightly bonfire takes place

At night the drumming doesn’t stop and people dance continuously around this circle…

Within the Roundhouse there are several smaller shrines…




There is a shrine to spirit, but it’s a labyrinth and hard to photograph.

There are many other smaller shrines all over the campground…



Later she ended up being festooned with a crown of flowers…




There are also sacred spaces dedicated to specific groups.

The Runestead –




And one of my favorites, the ADF Nemeton –






There is a small shrine dedicated to the memory of Isaac Bonewits.



There is also a small shrine to POW-MIAs.




Up by the Runestead and the Nemeton is one of my favorite features of Brushwood, my friend Bella Via sculpted a piece called The Watcher and she sits on the path before you reach the Runestead…


She certainly watches me whenever I go up there! To me she embodies a strong woman who has been broken, but who has managed to put herself back together again even stronger than she was before. Bella does amazing work.


Bella Via is pretty amazing person herself!


On the last evening of the festival, there is a huge bonfire. People believe that Brushwood (the land itself) is on top of a dragon and for the last ritual, they call upon the power of the dragon each year. They start by building a huge bonfire. (Picture with me to give you an idea of the size of the thing).


And then a new dragon is sculpted each year (I am not sure of the lady’s name who does it, I met her only very briefly).

This was this year’s dragon, the Ouroboros.



And he is put on top of the rest…


And after the final ritual, it’s all lit!


My partner Kenny performed the Saturday night concert and led everyone down to the ritual afterwards. They all chanted the chorus of his song Mandrake.

Take me down, take me down Papa Legba

Take me now where I stand

I’ll draw your sign at the crossroad

And wait for the shadowland…

It was a pretty amazing experience. If you ever make it to Sirius Rising, you will not be disappointed!




Fairy Tale Magic

It’s official! In May of 2014, the book that Kenny Klein and I have written together about magical theory in fairy tales will be published by Llewellyn!

The title will be Fairy Tale Magic: Unearth & Reclaim the Potent Enchantment of Old World Folk Tales. I am so excited to see the cover, which will be just as beautiful as Kenny’s last books!

In the book we look at magical theory and the basis of ritual in stories such as: The Buried Moon, Brother and Sister, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Little White Thorn, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and several more.

Keep your eyes peeled for later updates!

Support Indie Pagan Music!

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of service announcements lately, but these last two months have been extraordinarily busy. We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging after I get back from Brushwood’s Sirius Rising in July.

But until then, help support Pagan Indie Music! My partner’s new project is trying to get themselves up to Brushwood for festival and to put a new CD together. Kenny of course is a long time Pagan musician and his new singer, Rachel Maxann was the lead singer for the band Elemental Groove Theory, which regularly played at the Wisteria campground in Ohio.

Rachel Maxann is an amazingly talented musician and hooper. She and Kenny are going to do some really cool things together!

Kenny has posted a Kickstarter project. Go and support Pagan musicians and get some pretty awesome things (more than just the music!) in return!

Benefit for New Orleans Pagan Pride Day

Hey all! If you live in the New Orleans area, come down on June 7th for a benefit being held by my very own Blue Star Iron and Cypress Coven to help with the New Orleans Pagan Pride Day! Here’s a link to the invite on Facebook.

Join us at the beautiful Alombrados Oasis temple for a night of music, dancing and drinks!

Can’t come and still want to donate to help? Go to our Indiegogo fundraiser and give there! There are a lot of awesome benefits available: Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day presents “Spritiual Gumbo”

Also be sure to check out the website to read about everything that we’re doing with our Pagan Pride Day. It’s going to be a lot of awesome fun!

And for those of you searching for “Wiccan pussy”, here you go!