Support Indie Pagan Music!

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of service announcements lately, but these last two months have been extraordinarily busy. We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging after I get back from Brushwood’s Sirius Rising in July.

But until then, help support Pagan Indie Music! My partner’s new project is trying to get themselves up to Brushwood for festival and to put a new CD together. Kenny of course is a long time Pagan musician and his new singer, Rachel Maxann was the lead singer for the band Elemental Groove Theory, which regularly played at the Wisteria campground in Ohio.

Rachel Maxann is an amazingly talented musician and hooper. She and Kenny are going to do some really cool things together!

Kenny has posted a Kickstarter project. Go and support Pagan musicians and get some pretty awesome things (more than just the music!) in return!