An Unplanned Visit to the Underworld

Yule seems to have become a time for caves in my family. This year we stopped at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky on our way to my family’s house for the holidays. In a 7 mile radius, there are 400 miles of a intense multi-layer cave system, which has been occupied for over 4000 years. Ancient peoples sheltered there twelve miles inside the caves (imagine exploring those caves without electricity to help guide you!). Mammoth cave is also one of the oldest continued attractions in America, with a varied history that is fascinating in and of itself. It’s a pretty amazing experience and I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I took. I definitely recommend stopping and enjoying Mammoth Cave. There are tons of trails to hike and unlike Carlsbad, Mammoth has bats all year round! Yay Bats!


The Historic Entrance to Mammoth Cave












And who knew! But apparently you can also fine the River Styx there! I guess it makes sense, but I certainly didn’t expect to run into the Styx in Kentucky!


I just can’t seem to help wandering off into the Underworld…


IMG_0350The River Styx’s exit from the cave system…IMG_0351The River Styx empties out into the Green River.

IMG_0359All along the river, White River Birches grow…

IMG_0356The Kentucky hills and forests are always beautiful.



IMG_0332And I found a troll home!


Of course, maybe I was the only one home…


2 thoughts on “An Unplanned Visit to the Underworld

  1. moodymoons says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photos! I have family in Kentucky/Appalachia, too. This brings back memories.

  2. Glad you were able to get out of the city and into our great Appalachians Lauren. Nice pics and love the green water in the caves. Blessed Be this Yule.

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